The network brings together strengths and expertise in several areas of engineering and healthcare, from a number of universities, NHS organisations, regulatory bodies and industry.

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Name Affiliation(s) Interests Contact
Goran Nenadic University of Manchester; Farr@HeRC clinical text analytics; social media mining
Azad Dehghan DeepCognito;

University of Manchester

text analytics; computational healthcare; natural language processing
Elizabeth Ford Brighton and Sussex Medical School Privacy and Governance;
Dementia and Mental Health; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Clinical Prediction Modelling
Rob Stewart King’s College London; South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Mental healthcare; Dementia; Psychological Medicine
Niels Peek Health e-Research Centre; The University of Manchester machine learning; statistical modelling; clinical decision support; learning healthcare systems
Irena Spasic Cardiff University text analytics; natural language processing; health informatics; ontologies; eHealth weblink
Nigel Collier University of Cambridge Computational linguistics; Information extraction; NLP for biomedical applications; Web mining weblink
Angus Roberts University of Sheffield Clinical text analytics; Text and data mining infrastructure; Natural Language Processing; Medical terminology weblink
Jane Kaye University of Oxford (HeLEX) links between law, ethics + emerging technologies including genomics, with a focus on biobanks, privacy and data-sharing frameworks,
global governance and translational research
William Whiteley University of Edinburgh Brain imaging reports; Pathology reports
Maksim Belousov University of Manchester natural language processing; machine learning; social media

Eric Steven Atwell University of Leeds Corpus Linguistics; lexical semantics; Weka; Arabic; Quran
Peter Phiri Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Culture and psychopathology; Cultural adaptation of Cognitive Therapy; CBT for Psychosis; CRIS
Tanya Smart Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust; UK-CRIS Application of NLP to CRIS; Psychosis
David Milward Linguamatics Use of NLP for mining clinical data; Terminologies for EHRs; De-identified training material for EHRs weblink
Claire Grover University of Edinburgh; Alan Turing Institute text mining; clinical text analytics; brain imaging reports; natural language processing; geoparsing
Matt Jameson Evans NHS Innovation Accelerator User generated health information weblink
Craig Colling Kings College London NLP
Alejo Jesus Nevado-Holgado University of Oxford Neurodegeneration; Machine Learning; Deep Neuronal Networks weblink
Gayan Perera Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, Kings College London Dementia related research; Public Mental Health; Old Age Psychaitry
Adrian Parry-Jones University of Manchester; Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Stroke; Quality Improvement weblink
Stuart John Leask University of Nottingham Epidemiology in large datasets; Psychosis aetiology
Owen Johnson University of Leeds; Leeds Institute of Data Analytics process mining; e-health records research; care pathways
Daniel Matthew Morley University of Manchester Crossover with NewMind EPSRCPlus weblink
Katrina Delargy TIYGA Health (SME) free text in doctor-patient communication
Noel Kennedy Royal Veterinary College natural language processing weblink
Sarah Allen Royal Veterinary College Veterinary epidemiology
Kate Button Cardiff and Vale University Health Board; Cardiff University Physiotherapy; Physical activity interventions; Supported self-care
Ed Doshoki IMO Terminology weblink
Anoop Dinesh Shah University College London Hospitals NHS Trust;
UCL Institute of Health Informatics
Natural language processing; Epidemiology; Medical Statistics; General medicine; Health informatics
Tony Long University of Salford Improving outcomes for children and families;
Combining medical records and interview data
Ying Liu Cardiff University Engineering Informatics; Data Analytics; Text Mining
Opinion Mining; Product and Service Design
Alison Wray University of Manchester; Farr@HeRC language of dementia; predicting Alzheimer’s using language patterns
Stuart John Leask University of Nottingham Large dataset analysis; Psychosis
John Carroll University of Sussex Clinical text mining; computational linguistics
Tim O’Sullivan NHS Wales use of non structured data for BI
Michael Lay University of Oxford Automated interpretation of unstructured drug data; Automated anonymisation of unstructured data
John Ainsworth University of Manchester Text mining of health records
Clifford Nangle University of Dundee Text Analytics; Prolog
Paul Mitchell University of Edinburgh Natural Language Processing; Information Extraction
Robert Gaizauskas University of Sheffield Biomedical Text Processing
Jackie Caldwell Farr Institute NLP
Tom Liptrot The Christie NHS FT Text Mining; Machine Learning; Oncology
Lee Harland SciBite Limited Text Analytics; Semantic Web; Text Mining weblink
Daniel Turner Quirkos qualitative research; natural language processing; health data
Sumithra Velupillai King’s College London; KTH, Sweden Natural Language Processing; Clinical text analysis; Information extraction weblink
Caroline Sanders University of Manchester collection and use of patient experience data; qualitative research; trust and privacy online
Nikola Milosevic University of Manchester Text mining; Table mining; Information extraction; Machine learning; Security and privacy weblink
Shivani Padmanabhan Clinical Practice Research Datalink natural language processing; text mining; privacy and governance
Arron Lacey Swansea University NLP; Machine Learning; Genomics; Bioinformatics; Health Informatics
Jessica Bell University of Oxford, HeLEX Centre for Health Law and Emerging Technologies Regulation of new technologies; Data protection and governance; Biobanking
Rebecca Wilson University of Bristol Data privacy; Federated analysis; Sensitive data
Michael Stone Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness Healthcare data analytics; Text mining of health records
Meghna Jani ARUK Centre for Epidemiology Pharmacoepidemiology; Drug safety weblink
Michele Filannino SUNY at Albany & MIT clinical decision support; machine learning; clinical data analysis; natural language processing
Peter John Mantyla Noble University of Liverpool Veterinary Internal Medicine; Clinical Record Text Mining
Steven Smyth University of Liverpool Free text mining
Ghada Alfattni University of Manchester Machine learning; Text mining
Eiman Kanjo Nottingham Trent University Mobile Sensing; Data Science; Mental Health; Analysis of Mobile social messages
Shona Methven UK Renal Registry Text mining of routinely collected health data
Bo Yao University of Manchester language; text mining; neural networks; machine learning
Dominic Ashmole Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Stroke; Imaging
Yongsheng Gao IHTSDO Terminology, Semantics, NLP
Valencia Payne UKCHIP Designing and building EHR and EMR weblink
Ian Poole Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Structuring of medical data, data wrangling, machine learning weblink
Darren Lunn Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) Dosage Conversion weblink
George Demetriou University of Manchester Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Text Mining/Analytics, Information Retrieval, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
Warren Read University of Manchester Bioinformatics, Semantic web, Deep learning
Mercedes Arguello Casteleiro University of Manchester Healthcare
Aleksandar Kovacevic University of Novi Sad, Serbia & University of Manchester text mining, data mining, machine learning, health informatics
Michael Upshall UNSILO, Denmark full text analytics
Andrew Gargett The Hartree Centre, Science and Technology Facilities Council Big Data for Healthcare
Anna Beukenhorst University of Manchester Health data science
Elena Arsevska University of Liverpool, SAVSNET text mining, electronic health records, machine learning
Philip Hywel Jones University of Liverpool Epidemiology, Text mining, Veterinary science
Athanasios Anastasiou Swansea University Medical School Automatic Clinical Encoding; Text Summarisation; Document Classification
Christina Liossi University of Southampton Clinical text analytics; Paediatric pain
Fernando Santos Sanchez University of Southampton Sentiment Analysis; Patient Information Leaflets; Patient Information Resources
Andrey Kormilitzin University of Oxford Machine learning; Stochastic analysis; Precision medicine; Mental health; Deep learning
Patric Lewis healx Deep Learning; KB completion and networks; Rare diseases; Relation extraction
Simon Kocbek Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney Machine learning; Text mining; Bioinformatics
Malcolm Oswald University of Manchester; Citizens Juries cic Public engagement
Abeed Sarker University of Pennsylvania Natural Language Processing; Medical Informatics; Machine Learning
Advaith Siddharthan The Open University NLP; Data summarisation; NLG; Text summarisation
Mark Stevenson University of Sheffield Biomedical text processing; Text mining; NLP for medical applications
Maneesh Kumar Cardiff University Patient Safety; Quality of Care; Lean Service Design;
Text Analytics; Innovation
David Newton University of Oxford Data Privacy and Information Governance; NLP; Neural Networks
Anja Belz University of Brighton Text analytics for pharmacovigilance; Social media text analytics; Evaluation of NLP system outputs
Eman Younis Nottingham Trent University Text Analysis; Sentiment analysis; Machine Learning
Matthew Gwynfryn Thomas British Red Cross Predictive analytics; Machine learning; Healthcare services; Social care
Jeremy Wyatt University of Southampton; Wessex Institute of Health Research Text analytics for trial recruitment/consent docs;
Coding free text from EPRs/text reports
Josiah Poon University of Sydney Text Mining; Health and Integrative Medicine;
Machine Learning
Alexander Lau The Chinese University of Hong Kong Text mining; Electronic health records; Neurodegenerative diseases
Richard Evans University of Wolverhampton Information extraction from patient notes; Readability assessment; Text simplification
Shang-Ming Zhou Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research, Swansea University, UK Health informatics; Text mining and machine learning in healthcare; e-epidemiology; Predictive modelling for personalised health
Avelie Stuart University of Exeter Social health; Identity and Health; Privacy
David José Murteira Mendes Universidade de Evora, DECSIS, SA Healthcare NLP; semantic acquisition
Maria Mestre HealthUnlocked Natural language processing; Recommenders; Deep learning