An interactive workshop with invited speakers and themed discussion sessions.

22 April 2020 Postponed to April 2021


This workshop is a pre-conference event of HealTAC 2020 but it is open to the public (with a limited number spaces). Please register here.




9.00-9.20 Registration and Coffee
9.20-9.30 Introduction to the day – Rina Dutta / Sumithra Velupillai
9.30 -10.45  
Smartphone and Screen use(Chaired by Annika Lindberg)

  • Problematic screen use/Addictive online behaviour – Nicky Kalk/Ben Carter
  • How screen use and tech affects young people’s sleep – TBC
  • Emotion sensing using mobile phones – Maria Liakata
10.45-11.00 Tea / Coffee
Targeted interventions for Children and Young People(Chaired by Louise Arseneault)

  • StEPS – A targeted (but unguided) e-parenting intervention for children referred with ADHD – Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke
  • Interactive `fluffies’: Innovative emotion regulation for children – Petr Slovak
  • Keeping everyone appy: a systematic method to assess mood monitoring applications in young people – Johnny Downs
12.15-13.15 Lunch
13.15-14.00 Keynote Speaker

John Naslund – Harvard University, Boston and Sangath, India
Self-harm and suicidality(Chaired by Rina Dutta)

  • Together we can reduce suicides – development of a real time platform to enable suicide prevention – Matthew Steans
  • Conversation network structure in an online suicide support forum – Nishanth Sastry/Sagar Joleka
15.00-15.15 Tea / Coffee
Accessing online data, governance and ethics(Chaired by Sumithra Velupillai)

  • Prosocial Online Communities (ProSOC): AI-assisted moderation for improving the responsiveness, equity and wellbeing of online peer support – Elvira Perez Valljo / Aaron Sefi
  • Data collection from social media – Vasa Curcin
  • “But the data is already public”: navigating ethical issues in using social media data for mental health research – Lamiece Hassan
16.30-16.45 Closing remarks