Call for dissemination and outreach events

Healtex invites impact acceleration proposals.

We invite proposals to organise and host events that will demonstrate existing solutions and engage with possible new users. While the format of such events will depend on the audience and the type(s) of the solution to be presented, we would envisage half-day events organised in and/or with NHS trusts, charities, patient groups, policy bodies, social media providers or any other stakeholders, which would demonstrate tools, successful case studies or impact that healthcare text mining have had for organisations, patients or policy bodies.

Proposals should be submitted via a short forms to

The budget per event is expected to be around £1,200 and would cover travel for presenters and refreshments for participants. We encourage proposals to host their events within the venues of potential new users to make engagement easier; we therefore do not envisage large expenses for venue hire. Events should be organised in the first half of 2019. We will also consider several road-shows (similar events happening at several locations).

Deadline for applications: 14th January 2019.

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